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The Cortinez Law Firm is a full service law firm with an emphasis on Plaintiff's personal injury claims, wrongful death claims, product liability claims, workers compensation claims and criminal defense claims. The attorneys at the Cortinez Law Firm are also adept at handling many additional areas of practice associated with these types of cases with proven results from their years of combined legal experience.

The Cortinez Law Firm has two Central Arkansas locations, Little Rock and Pine Bluff, so as to better serve the majority of Arkansas residents. Robert R. Cortinez II primarily works out of the Little Rock office and its surrounding area and Bob Cortinez Sr. practices out of the Pine Bluff office and covers the southern half of the state.

The Cortinez Law Firm was founded by Bob Cortinez Sr. in 1973 after graduating from the University Of Arkansas Law School.

Bob Cortinez Sr. entered college on the GI Bill after completing three years active duty assigned with the 101st Airborne Ranger Division of the U.S. Army. During his service with the 101st Airborne, his unit was assigned by then President Dwight Eisenhower to escort and protect the "Little Rock 9" into Little Rock Central High School as part of the U.S. Supreme Courts desegregation mandate. Bob Cortinez Sr. has since retired from the army as a full-bird Colonel and Inspector General.

Upon graduation Bob Cortinez Sr. worked for an insurance company who investigated and paid beneficiaries for wrongful death claims on offshore drilling rigs in Houma, Louisiana. He experienced firsthand the cavalier treatment by the insurance industry in settling claims for inadequate amounts to unfairly compensate these families. As a result, Bob Cortinez Sr. became an attorney to represent the common good of all Arkansans.

Robert Cortinez II graduated with honors from the University Of Arkansas at Fayetteville and obtained his law degree from the U.A.L.R. School of Law in 1991.

He is a firm believer in giving back to the community and has served on the Arkansas Children's Hospital Charity Boards, M.D.A. fund raising, Arkansas National Guard Mentor Program and has participated in numerous youth organizations and youth sport leagues providing a role model and mentor to Arkansas children.

In addition Robert II regularly volunteers for VOCALS and Central Arkansas Pro Bono Clinic providing free legal assistance to those in need. He has been recognized by VOCALS as a preeminent lawyer and the Arkansas Times has noted him as one of the best personal injury attorneys in Central Arkansas.

The Cortinez Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars for injured Arkansans and has represented many criminal defendants who have been wrongfully accused.

Since joining his father in 1991, Robert R. Cortinez II has been successful in obtaining the largest jury award in Arkansas Federal Court for a slip and fall negligence case. In addition he has practiced heavily in the areas of domestic and corporate law ensuring that the Cortinez Law Firm can handle all of your legal needs.

The Cortinez Law Firm will work your case, obtain a just result and make new case law if the case warrants.


As Proof Of Our Dedication To Achieving Results, We Work On A Contingency Basis. That Means That We Only Get Paid When You Do.