We Emphasize In The Following Areas Of Practice:

Personal Injury

With extensive experience as a personal injury law firm, Cortinez Law Firm has represented accident victims with differing levels of personal injury from soft-tissue injuries to devastating paralysis from serious head and spinal injuries.

Good personal injury lawyers understand damages from the strict physical viewpoint as well as the long-term picture of the survivor's emotional or financial future.

In support of our client's case, we retain the professional services of premier medical doctors for their analysis and expert testimony in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Wrongful Death

If someone else's unreasonable act, careless behavior or other form of negligence caused your loved one's death, you have an obligation to protect the legal rights of the deceased.

No one ever expects to face the sudden loss of a spouse, child or parent. But, when it happens, it's important to take timely actions and have Cortinez Law Firm explain your options for seeking compensation for damages.

We can calculate the accurate dollar amount to use for an insurance settlement based on variables such as the joint life expectancy of the couple.

Products Liability

"Product Liability" is a legal term used to describe the liability of a manufacturer, distributor and seller for any injury to a buyer caused by a defective product.

It is not the duty of a manufacturer to make a product that is accident-proof. However, the law of product liability is designed to protect the user from injury by a product that is unreasonably dangerous or is manufactured in such a fashion that the danger is hidden or concealed from the buyer.

Workers Compensation

At Cortinez Law Firm we can assist with your filing for medical payments and/or disability benefits under Arkansas workers compensation laws. Work-comp benefits are intended to compensate employees who were injured on the job or became ill due to circumstances of his or her job.

When an employer has four or more (part-time or full-time) employees, the work-comp laws require them to carry workers' compensation insurance.

At Cortinez Law Firm we can provide a no cost, no obligation consultation to review the details of your work accident, workers' compensation claim or any insurance company's denial of work-comp benefits.

Criminal Defense

Are you facing criminal charges for the first time in your life? You may be overwhelmed with the harsh process of the criminal justice system and the serious penalties that you may face, but you do not have to face these obstacles alone.

At Cortinez Law Firm we are committed to providing you with strong, effective legal protection every step of the way. We are dedicated to helping those charged with criminal offenses and we fight aggressively to help our clients avoid conviction.


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