Wrongful Death

A death resulting from misconduct on the part of another person or a company is considered a "wrongful death". We handle an array of wrongful death situations/cases, including work-related accidents, medical mistakes or malpractice, automobile and plane accidents.

The legal system is designed to protect the rights of those who have suffered from the negligence of others. Deaths cause by the negligence of another is called a "wrongful death". In most states, if the death of a relative was caused by the wrongful act of another, surviving family members have the right to financial compensation for the death.

No one ever expects to face the sudden loss of a spouse, child or parent. But, when it happens, it's important to take timely actions and have Cortinez Law Firm explain your options for seeking compensation for damages.

We understand how a family's life is filled with grief immediately after an unexpected wrongful death. However, the fact remains that family members are still the ones who are typically left to pay for the accident victim's hospital bills and funeral expenses. In both wrongful death and personal injury cases, the law allows for compensation based on the total dollar amount of the loss to each individual survivor. The estate of the victim also has the right to seek compensation for the recovery of the loss of wealth that would have accumulated in the deceased's prospective estate had the wrongful death not intervened.

The Cortinez Law Firm can help you obtain the fair settlement you deserve. Contact us with further questions you may have about Wrongful Death and to find out how we can help.


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