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Robert “Bob” Cortinez Sr.

Attorney at Law

The Cortinez Law Firm was founded by Bob Cortinez Sr. in 1973 after graduating from the University Of Arkansas Law School.

Bob Cortinez Sr. entered college on the GI Bill after completing three years of active duty assigned with the 101st Airborne Ranger Division of the U.S. Army. During his service with the 101st Airborne, his unit was assigned by then-President Dwight Eisenhower to escort and protect the "Little Rock 9" into Little Rock Central High School as part of the U.S. Supreme Court's desegregation mandate. Bob Cortinez Sr. has since retired from the army as a full-bird Colonel and Inspector General.

"As a former colonel in the U.S. Army, I'm prepared to fight fiercely on your behalf."

Upon graduation, Bob Cortinez Sr. worked for an insurance company that investigated and paid beneficiaries for wrongful death claims on offshore drilling rigs in Houma, Louisiana. He experienced firsthand the cavalier treatment by the insurance industry in settling claims for inadequate amounts to unfairly compensate these families. As a result, Bob Cortinez Sr. became an attorney to represent the common good of all Arkansans.

Bar Admissions

  • Arkansas, 1973

  • U.S. District Court, District of Arkansas


  • J.D. - University of Arkansas School of Law, 1971

  • B.A. - Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Cortinez Sr in military uniform in front of plane
Cortinez Sr in military uniform